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Handcrafted Quality

In the end, it all comes down to the quality in the cup. We never lose sight of that simple fact. This is the Muskoka Roastery formula for delivering handcrafted quality, each and every day.

The Best Beans

The starting point is to source the best quality green beans from the origin countries. Some coffee roasters would have you believe that any product labelled 100% Arabica is a guarantee of quality, but there are more than 100 hybrids of the Arabica species grown in over 40 countries, in every variety of conditions.

Thankfully, there are commonly used classification systems to grade coffee quality in an objective way and we use the SCAA standard. Arabica coffee is classified as grade 1-5 based on the cupping attributes, number of defects, moisture content, colour, smell and size of the bean.

The two highest grades of green coffee are specialty (grade 1) and premium (grade 2). 100% of Muskoka Roastery green coffee is specialty or premium grade…simple, no exceptions.

The other three grades are still sold and labelled as arabica coffees by other roasters, but may include exchange grade (3), below standard grade (4) or off grade (5) green beans. The in-cup quality is not comparable.

Expert Blending and Roasting

Our portfolio is made up of blends; typically three different origins or varietals in each finished product. The characteristics of a Colombian coffee differ from a Central American origin like Guatemala or Costa Rica, while a Kenyan, Ethiopian or Sumatran coffee brings its own very unique taste qualities.

Our roasters combine the best characteristics of each origin with an optimal roast to deliver an in-cup product that is unique to the Muskoka Roastery; it is safe to say that you will not find our blend/roast combination anywhere else.

To consistently deliver the quality designed into each product by our co-founder, we have elected to roast only in small batches under the watchful eye of a trained roaster. There are other, less expensive ways to roast coffee, but we’ll leave that to others.

Fresh Coffee

There is simply no substitute for fresh coffee. For that reason, we endeavour to roast to order so that the coffee leaving the roastery is at peak freshness. All heritage blend coffees are packed the day of roasting to seal in the freshness.

Our production efficiency would be much higher if we roasted large batches that went into inventory, as is the norm in the coffee industry. We have chosen not to pursue this path and you'll appreciate the difference - when you open the bag and are met with a burst of fresh aroma, and when you brew the coffee and experience the complex, vibrant flavour that only comes from handcrafted, speciality coffee.