Path Forward

Building on our heritage


To handcraft Canada's best coffee — sustainably.

We are simple folk, so a simple mission suits us just fine. Let’s break down the four components that are hard-wired into our mission.

Best coffee

The Handcrafted Coffee section of the website defines exactly how we set about achieving this ambition.

Quite frankly, in a market dominated (over 80%) by big multi-nationals, this focus on quality and delivering the best, is a major distinguishing factor.


We can’t change who we are…Canadian to the core.

Some may disagree with the notion that Canada needs Canadian manufacturing companies, focused on the needs of Canadian consumers, employing Canadians and paying Canadian taxes. In the Canadian grocery coffee market, being Canadian is being a member of a pretty small club. That’s OK with us. We are used to ploughing our own furrow.


This component is implicit in our mission statement. Our philosophy is that you cannot hope to be the best if you are not the most innovative.

Humility is an admirable trait, but we do take a lot of pride in the list of trail blazing firsts we have recorded over the years. Check out the News – Innovation section for a selection.


The Sustain section of the website details our comprehensive and long-standing commitment to leading the way on sustainable business and social practices.

What we find is that there is a very big difference between coffee companies that commit to sustainability in every aspect of their business versus those that try to greenwash their business with false claims or a few isolated programs or products. While we are certainly not unique in integrating sustainability into everything we do, it is assuredly a major distinguishing factor.