The Parry Sound Friendship Centre

"Serving the needs of urban Indigenous people by providing culturally appropriate services in urban communities."

The Parry Sound Friendship Center seeks to improve the quality of life for Indigenous people in an urban environment. They look to support programs and activities which encourage equal access to, and participation in, Canadian society while respecting indigenous cultural distinctiveness.

In 2016, we partnered with the PSFC and Ojibway artist Jim Oskineegish to collaboratively develop our Aki Organic Blend. Aki is the Ojibway word for Earth and honours the indigenous peoples of our region. The Ojibway First Nation, part of the larger Anishinabek culture, have a long and storied relationship with Muskoka. Did you know that the name Muskoka is derived from Mesqua Ukee, an Ojibway Chief, also known as William Yellowhead?

As shown by the logo displayed on the side of our bag, we are proud to continue this partnership today - making regular donations of Aki Organic Blend to the Parry Sound Friendship Centre which they, in turn, sell for 100% profit. 


Jim Oskineegish, from the Eabametoong First Nation (also known as Fort Hope), is a second- generation woodland style artist and the man we have to thank for the beautiful turtle that graces our packaging. Through his art, he aims to promote healing and understanding across all of humanity.

The turtle on our bag represents North America - known as Turtle Island by Ojibway people - while the flowers represent the earth, nature and wildlife we are so lucky to be surrounded by. Then, each of the seven birds illustrated represent one of the 7 Grandfather Teachings - Humility, Bravery, Honesty, Wisdom, Truth, Respect and Love - which serve as the guiding principles for living a good and happy life.

Aki Image Symbolism

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