For the first time in Canadian history, a court recognized that climate change has the potential to violate Charter rights.

Young people are especially at risk when it comes to climate threats given these risks will simply increase in the coming years if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced. It’s their lives and the lives of everyone who comes after them that will be forced to bear the costs of climate inaction more than previous generations.

That’s why seven young climate leaders, backed by Ecojustice, courageously stepped up to the plate in November 2019, launching a legal fight for a safe and healthy future — starting with a safe climate.

Sophia, Zoe, Shaelyn, Shelby, Alex, Madison, and Beze — who brought this lawsuit on behalf of concerned Canadians like us — say that when the Ontario government weakened it’s climate targets, it violated the constitutional right to life, liberty, and security of every person in Ontario.

Their hearing in September 2022 will be the first in Canadian history to directly challenge a government’s climate record under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

As proud partners of Ecojustice and their work towards a greener future – we didn’t hesitate to join the other 7,000 + Canadians who’ve already added their names to the court submission. If, like us, you support the position that the Government of Ontario has violated the rights of Ontarians under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms with their climate policies, please join us in making your voice heard.