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The Only Coffee


A few years ago we were given a Keurig coffee maker. We loved the convenience of just pooping a pod into the machine and voila, a nice cup of hot coffee! We soon realized that with each cup of coffee we were putting a lot of plastic into the local landfill site, which would take years to break down and decompose.

In our attempts to be kinder to the earth, we purchased a reusable “pod” for the Keurig. The only trouble was, none of the coffee we put into the reusable pod tasted good once it was brewed. Then we tried Muskoka Roastery “Howling Wolf” coffee in the pod. This was the flavour we were looking for. We love the rich flavour of this medium dark blend. We are so glad that we gave it a try. It’s the only coffee we use in our Keurig.

I spent many years in the Huntsville area as my family had a cottage on Penn Lake. (a sentimental reason for loving your coffee).

Thank you.

Pat, Brockville

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