A win for Ecojustice - and the world

We would like to congratulate our partners Ecojustice for a huge win in their fight against plastics and greenwashing!

This month, Keurig Canada was ordered to pay a $3 million penalty for misleading consumers about the recyclability of its single-use plastic K-Cup pods.  The submission to the Competition Bureau, filed in 2019 by Ecojustice and the University of Victoria Environmental Law Clinic, highlighted several instances of marketing K-cups as a ‘green’ and easily recyclable product for Canadian consumers – marketing that was proven both false and misleading.

Keurig misleading claims

The Keurig case highlights the serious and growing issue of ‘greenwashing’ in Canada - which means deceiving consumers into believing that products or services are environmentally-friendly when they’re not.  

This penalty for Keurig is a step in the right direction – holding the company accountable for both their unsustainable products and deceptive marketing – but the fight against plastics and greenwashing is far from over. 

Click here to learn more about this recent win, the other ways that Ecojustice is combatting greenwashing, and what you can do to make smart consumer choices.

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