Introducing Pods 2.0

We are proud to announce the launch of our new and IMPROVED compostable pod 2.0!

As the first and ONLY coffee roaster in Canada with this innovative new pod technology, you will continue to enjoy unparalleled Muskoka Roastery quality with a few notable improvements. 

1) Significantly better performance in your brewer  due to the improved lid and ring materials.

2) More flavour in your cup due to improved mesh filter for extraction. 

3) Fresher coffee in each pod due to seamless integration of the roasting + packing lines. 

Our new pods are, of course, still 100% compostable so you can enjoy the convenience of single-serve coffee without any of the guilt associated with single-use plastics. And, because we want ALL elements of these pods  to be sustainable, the box and inner bag can both be recycled! 

Thank you for continuing to support us in our mission to handcraft Canada's best coffee - sustainably. 

Want to learn more about our efforts in the fight against single-use plastics? 
Read all about our partnerships with OCEANWISE and ECOJUSTICE



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