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Black Bear Chocolate Torte

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Black Bear Chocolate Torte Pre-heat oven to 325˚F Prepare an 8-inch springform pan with butter or vegetable PAM. Ingredients: 454 gr butter 3/4 cup sugar 1 cup hot brewed Muskoka Roastery Black Bear coffee 1 oz bourbon 16 oz dark 70% chocolate - melted 6 eggs 6 egg yolks 1 cup frozen raspberries Instructions: Melt butter and sugar mix well. Add coffee, bourbon and melted chocolate. Mix until smooth. (In mixer, with hand electric bea... Continue Reading

Black Bear Delivers

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Last week we were delivering an order to the French River Trading Post, a lovely spot near the northeast corner of Georgian Bay. They have been a customer since 2004 and we're always welcomed when we arrive with a fresh delivery...except this time. Knocking on the receiving door elicited no response. More knocking...nothing. Finally, the door opened a crack and a relieved woman said, "we thought you were the bear who was just here, coming back... Continue Reading

Long Journey of a Jute Sack

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When green (unroasted) coffee arrives at the Muskoka Roastery, it comes in jute bags containing 60-70kg of beans. But, that is far from the beginning, or even the end of the journey for the jute. Jute is a natural vegetable fibre grown primarily in the warm, wet monsoon climates of Bangladesh and parts of India. It has the advantage of being eco-friendly versus non-biodegradable polybags made from petroleum, or paperbags which require large q... Continue Reading