Butter Tart

Load image into Gallery viewer, Butter Tart Coffee. Natural Flavour. Best Canadian Coffee.
Load image into Gallery viewer, Butter Tart Coffee. Natural Flavour. Best Canadian Coffee.
Load image into Gallery viewer, Butter Tart Coffee. Natural Flavour. Best Canadian Coffee.

Butter Tart

(400g Bag)

A decadent combination of sweet, creamy, buttery, brown sugar notes with a toasted pecan finish; this flavoured medium roast is both perfectly delicious and perfectly Canadian - just like the real thing.



About the coffee

We are proud to offer a selection of coffees that reflect our dedication to quality and sustainability. Our range includes a variety of expertly blended options, each crafted to highlight unique taste profiles and aromatic nuances. From Butter Tart to Muskoka Maple, each of our flavours are quintessentially Canadian and made using only all-natural flavour, in a recipe that never overwhelms the coffee.

Committed to sustainability, all our coffees are made using 100% Rainforest Alliance certified beans, with many varieties also adding organic certification.  On the quality front, we use only Q-grade speciality coffee Arabica beans and market-leading packaging technology to deliver superb taste and freshness in your cup.

This dedication to quality, ethical sourcing, and environmental responsibility makes us the destination for discerning coffee drinkers – and our place as the #1 Canadian Premium Coffee.

Tasting notes


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Noreen Gobeille
Butter tart

Don’t know how the Butter Tart ended up in my order, but thankfully i was able to cancel it before delivery so i can’t comment on the product. I can just say that generally i do not like flavored coffee.


Delicious coffee!

Eileen Trumphour

One of our favourites We always have it on hand.

Carole Pink
Butter Tart Muskoka Roastery flavoured coffee

I can’t say it tastes very much like a butter tart but then it might be too sweet anyway. This is a mild flavoured coffee and is a nice variety from the Maple, which is our favourite. We don’t care for dark coffees and this is a medium so that is good. What we really had been looking for is butter pecan which Muskoka Roastery had years ago that we loved This isn’t quite as good but still a good alternative. One of the things I appreciate most about this coffee is that it is not bitter, like so many coffees are. We like flavoured coffees and have tried many from other makers as well but none are as good as Muskoka Roastery ones, with Maple & Butter Tart being our 2 favourites

Greg Post
Try it, you will probably like it!

I was a little reluctant with the "...Tart" in the name of this coffee, but the part about putting butter in coffee to flavor it is something I had heard about. I ordered a bag to try and I was pleasantly surprised. The tart is very subdued and you really have to think about it to even taste it. I really liked this flavored coffee and it is now on my subscription.

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