What exactly is traceability and why does it matter? Put simply, you are paying a premium price to purchase coffee from the Muskoka Roastery that carries the Rainforest Alliance seal, which designates that 100% of our coffee is sourced from Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms. Your investment (and more) goes directly to the farmers in developing countries to do all the good things described in our Sustain section. But, how can you be sure that a company like us is actually buying the coffee beans we say we are and ensuring that the money gets to the farming communities?

The answer is that you can't be sure unless the companies that use the seal are audited. We are proud that the Muskoka Roastery is the first coffee roaster in North America to complete a comprehensive audit that probed every aspect of our coffee sourcing and roastery operation. This audit, conducted by the Sustainable Agriculture Network and Rainforest Alliance, made sure that 100% of our beans came from certified farms, just as we claim. They call it their Chain of Custody certification.

The benefit to you is that you know that when we claim that we can trace each roasted bag of coffee back to the Rainforest Alliance farm it was grown on, we can back up that claim. It sounds simple, but we are the first in North America for a takes a lot of work and commitment to make it happen.

Another reason why the Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co is a little bit different from most other coffee brands.
We know that you value these differences.

Posted on 8 January 2013

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