Coffee Storage

We are continually surprised by the amount of mis-information out there on the fairly straight-forward subject of how to store coffee.

The scientific facts are not in dispute - exposure to oxygen, moisture, sunlight and heat will cause your coffee to stale over time. Ground coffee is more susceptible than whole beans, simply because there is more surface area exposed to the elements.

Our coffee is sold in a bag which provides a barrier that will not allow any of these elements to come into contact with the product before opening. So, the following storage tips relate to the coffee once opened.

• Store at room temperature, not over a heat source or in the refrigerator or in the freezer.
• Keep the product in the Muskoka Roastery bag and fold the top down tightly to eliminate as much air from the pack as possible. Use the tin tie and/or wrap an elastic band around the rolled bag.
• Put the bag in a ceramic storage container, ideally not much bigger than the bag.

If you don’t use 1lb of coffee within a 2 week period, we suggest that you exclusively buy whole beans and purchase a grinder or ‘bean to cup’ machine with an integrated grinder to extend the product freshness as long as possible.

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