Brewing Tips

We offer these suggestions with one goal in mind – to enable you to enjoy the full potential of Muskoka Roastery Coffee, consistently, in your home.
Bean to Cup Machine

Our preferred brewing solution is a bean to cup machine which can provide you with coffee house quality and freshness, as well as unparalleled choice and convenience.
We can heartily recommend the JuraTM range of in-home, bean to cup machines based on extensive testing in our production facilities. They offer:
• ability to grind whole bean coffee for optimal freshness
• capacity to by-pass the grinder with ground coffee for other household users who may wish another type of coffee or decaf
• push of a single button convenience, including fully automatic ‘one step’ lattes and cappuccinos
• extremely easy clean-up
• Swiss quality and dependability
• 15 bar pressure for optimal extraction
We have no commercial stake in Jura and do not sell any equipment of any type, so if you find this information of any value, we invite you to contact the Canadian distributor through the link provided.
We fully recognize that the price of a bean to cup machine may be too expensive for some, particularly if the volume of consumption in the home is low. But, you don’t want to compromise on brewed quality; especially when you have purchased a premium coffee.
With that in mind, we have 2 options for you to consider…
A French Press or BodumTM
Inexpensive and easy to use. The act of forcing the coffee grounds through the water creates some pressure which aids in the flavour and aroma extraction, particularly with no filter paper barrier.
• Grind a handful of beans in a small grinder…select a slightly coarser grind than our normal ground product or a normal espresso grind.
• Use 1 heaping tablespoon for each cup (8oz) of water…use soft well-water or water which has been carbon filtered.
• The recommended water temperature should be between 195-200 degrees F or 88-93 degrees C, so just below boiling…we recommend a quick stir of the grounds after pouring in the water.
• Experiment with the brew time that suits your taste…we like to leave the coffee for 90 seconds before depressing the plunger. Shorter for a milder cup, longer for a stronger tasting brew.
• Use the waiting time to warm your cups/mugs!
A Moka Pot or BialettiTM
Inexpensive and easy to use. The production of steam in the lower unit forces boiling water up through the compacted coffee bed at a pressure of roughly 1.5 bar - less than an espresso machine, but better than drip filter extraction. The result is a better cup of coffee and some crema. Remember when buying the brewer, that the Italian definition of ‘cup’ is a single espresso shot which is no more than 1.5oz.
• Grind a handful of beans in a small grinder…use a fine, espresso grind.
• Follow the instructions on the machine for coffee and water volume…use soft well-water or water which has been carbon filtered.
• Use the waiting time to warm your cups/mugs!

Filter Coffee Machine
The traditional filter coffee machine has the benefit of being inexpensive and fairly convenient. It’s not our recommended method for coffee brewing for two main reasons. The lack of any pressure during extraction (water drips through the coffee bed via gravity) means that wonderful flavour and aroma remain unextracted. Plus, in our experience, the temperature control which is so vital for proper extraction is sometimes sub-optimal.

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