Impact Transparency

In 2014, we set the ambitious goal of sending nothing to landfill within 10 years. This meant not only implementing internal practices that reduce our production and office waste, but also finding an environment-friendly solution to our current coffee bags.  

On the first front, we continue to make progress and reduced internal waste to 33kg in 2021. On the coffee bag challenge, our plan was to be starting a transition to compostable or recyclable packaging now. On that front we are slightly behind schedule. The technology required to convert to 100% compostable or 100% recyclable has not yet reached a point where we are comfortable to convert our portfolio. As we sit here today, we fear that we will miss the 2024 goal, but are working hard to ensure that if we miss, we won’t miss by much.

In the spirit of full transparency, our coffee bags accounted for 10,453 kg of waste in 2021. A figure that we are determined to bring to Zero.

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