Price Increase

The last thing we want to communicate is that we find ourselves in the position of needing to increase the price of our coffees for the third time in the last year. That after taking only two price increases in the previous 20 years!

We are well aware that inflation in general, and food inflation in particular, are very real issues right now. Unfortunately, record high prices of green coffee around the world, which affect every coffee roaster, mean that we are faced with two choices. Cut the quality of our coffee or increase our prices. That leaves us with only one choice because we have not touched the quality in our blends since each blend was created

Our Roast & Ground and Whole Bean coffees, including Decafs and Limited Editions will increase by $1.00. You should expect to see prices going up across all brands, in all channels in the coming months.

The prices on our website will increase on March 7th. If you are a current subscription holder, your subscription will automatically reflect these changes on that date. If you'd like, you can always edit your subscription through your Muskoka Roastery account.

As always, we appreciate your continued support and business as we work to handcraft Canada’s best coffee – sustainably. 

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