Seven Main Café – Where it All Began

While Muskoka Roastery coffee is now lovingly handcrafted in a large upscale production facility located behind the Roastery Showroom on Crescent Road in Huntsville – this is not, in fact, where our story first began.

Like many great stories, Muskoka Roastery’s is one of passion, determination and humble beginnings. The story of a “crazy” dream that quickly grew into something much bigger as locals and tourists alike developed a preference for the delicious coffee they were tasting at Seven Main Café - in the oldest existing commercial building in town.

It was in this café that Doug and Patricia Snell decided to roast their own coffee and take the bold leap of starting their own business. It was also in this café that many of your favourite roasts (like Northern Lights and Howling Wolf) were first developed – being tweaked every so slightly, roast after roast, until they became coffee perfection.

So, as we drive by Seven Main Café on main street, it is still with great fondness we remember where we started and how much we’ve grown.

Posted on 14 August, 2013

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