Coffee Freshness

A short story about Coffee Freshness. Kind of important. End of story.

So, if we are all agreed that buying fresh coffee is a better decision than buying coffee that is guaranteed to be stale, the question becomes how do I do that?

If you are buying direct from the Roastery where the coffee is manufactured, you are most likely in the clear. The time from when the coffee is roasted to when you use it will usually be quite short, which is good. Unfortunately, that is not the way most people buy coffee.

If you buy your coffee from a grocery store or major e-commerce platform, it takes time for the coffee to get from the roaster to your kitchen. Which means that the coffee in the bag or tin or pod or capsule must be protected from oxygen. If the roaster’s technology does not purge the inside of the pack of oxygen at the time of manufacture or provide a barrier to any oxygen entering the pack, then the coffee inside will be starting to stale by the time you purchase it. If the coffee is more than a month into it’s labelled shelf life, it is stale.

The question you might ask is, how the heck I am meant to know? There is a simple answer to this question – all Muskoka Roastery coffees, including our whole bean, ground, compostable pods and compostable capsules use industry leading technology that locks in freshness.

We know the competitors who can match this claim and also those who cannot and are therefore selling you stale coffee. The rule of thumb is that all the big players have, like us, invested in the technology necessary to market fresh coffee. As the #1 Canadian premium coffee, the Muskoka Roastery is big enough to afford this investment. Many small craft roasters simply cannot. Not all, but many.

If you are buying your coffee from a grocery store or major e-commerce platform, your path to guaranteed fresh premium coffee is simple – any Muskoka Roastery coffee is the right decision.

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