French Press Cold Brew

Summer is officially here and with that comes sunshine and warm weather! What better way to enjoy a warm and sunny day than with a homemade French Press Cold Brew?

We recommend using our Aki Medium-Dark Organic Roast which create a smooth brew with cocoa, toffee, and honey tasting notes. Or our Lumberjack Medium Roast which produces a smooth finished cup with chocolate tasting notes and brown sugar nuances – enhanced with this brewing method.



1) Add 1 cup of ground coffee to the French Press with 4 cups of cold water.

2) Sit the plunger on top (do not plunge yet) and allow to sit in the fridge to steep for 12 hours.

3) After 12 hours, take the French Press out of the fridge and plunge the coffee grounds.

4) Remove the cold brew from sitting on the coffee grounds and enjoy! 

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