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Espresso as a brewing method, “shot of”, or star ingredient in that favourite café beverage surely originates in Italy; the beans that make the perfect espresso, however, certainly do not.

While you can technically brew any coffee as “espresso”, the best and most traditional espressos feature Brazilian beans. It’s this specific component that delivers the sweetness, low acidity and perfect crema that true espresso lovers have come to expect. Something you may not know, is that organic Brazilian beans are something of a rarity.

Committed to bringing you the best of the best, we scoured the globe to find the perfect 100% Organic coffee origins to pair with our rare 100% Organic Brazilian coffee thus creating our latest masterpiece - ALL-NEW Muskoka Roastery Organic EspressoThis classic espresso showcases our spirit of craftsmanship, with an earthy body, enticing aroma, substantial depth and a perfect crema.

And, the (coffee) cherry on top? Muskoka Roastery Organic Espresso comes packed in our new RECYCLABLE coffee bags. Simply remove the tin-tie and recycle.

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