Indulge in this campfire classic with a decadent, caffeinated, twist — our irresistible S’more Café Au Lait awaits! 🔥🍫

To recreate this featured drink, you'll need:

• Roastery S'mores Coffee - Strongly Brewed
• Warmed Milk
• Chocolate Syrup
• Graham Crackers
• Mini Marshmallows


    🍫 Rim your mug of choice with chocolate sauce + graham crackers. Then, to up the deliciousness, line the inside of the mug with chocolate sauce as well.

    ☕️ Fill half your graham cracker-rimmed and chocolate syrup-lined cup with strongly brewed Muskoka Roastery S’mores coffee and fill the remaining half with warmed milk.

    🔥Top your decadent creation with mini marshmallows and use your handy kitchen torch to toast them to your likeness.

    ✨ Garnish your drink with some crushed graham crackers, and it’s ready to enjoy - whether next to a crackling fire under the stars, or snuggled up in the city.

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