Price Increase

For the second time this year we need to communicate to you, an important member of the Muskoka Roastery family, that we need to increase prices on some of our coffees.

Our Roast & Ground and Whole Bean coffees, including Decafs and Limited Editions will increase by $1.00. This second increase is driven by a spike in the costs of the green coffee we source from around the world. All coffee roasters have been faced with this cost increase so you can expect to see prices going up on all brands, in all channels in the months to come.

The prices on our website will increase on September 27th. If you are a current subscription holder, your subscription will automatically reflect these changes on that date. If you'd like, you can always edit your subscription through your Muskoka Roastery account.

We appreciate your continued support and business. We know you have options and we thank you for choosing Muskoka Roastery when filling up your cup!

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