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Wood Roasted Espresso

Wood Roasted Espresso illutration

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(400g bag)


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A classic espresso with a distinctive Muskoka twist- a subtle wood-roasted smokey note created at the roasting stage during the handcrafting of each batch of espresso.

Espresso is, fundamentally, a method of coffee preparation where the extraction conditions (time, temperature, pressure) are strictly controlled. It has also come to define a style of coffee, based on the blends and roasts invented in Italy.

Those of you who are skilled in geography will notice that Muskoka is a long way from Italy. But, ten years of experimentation has led to this recipe which we think delivers all of the characteristics of a classic Italian espresso, including the rich, velvety body.

Of course, we couldn’t resist adding our own Muskoka twist!  

Wood Roasted Espresso is the Favourite Coffee of: Doug (ceo)


Medium Dark