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I'm sold!!!!!

The Wolf Got Me!!! Brand new customer, as I strolled through the store looking for something a bit different and better than the big guys, I see a sick looking package with a wolf lol. I turn to my wife and tell her “ now babe, this will be a mans coffee, it’s got a wolf on it and it’s from Muskoka, can’t get more Canadian than that right” She gives me her usual “you’re an idiot look” but then I spot the Maple Leaf!!!! I’m a sucker for patriotism. So I switch for the one with the leaf. Daaayyyyuuummmm I’m sold!!!!! It’s Sunday 6am and the only reason I’m up, is to enjoy this coffee, and doesn’t hurt that my house smells like a sugar shack now too! Thanks hope you enjoyed the story, I will be a customer for as long as you keep making great stuff! I will try the other ones as soon as I can.

Alex, Ottawa. 

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