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Butter Pecan Hits The Mark

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I have to thank you for making Butter Pecan Coffee. I don't know whose idea it was but BLESS THEM!! I drank a whole pot this morning before I left the house. You guys really hit one out of the park with Butter Pecan; smooth, wonderful aroma, flavour is delicious and just the right amount -- not overpowering but present in every sip. I am a lifetime fan now! Greg, Toronto Continue Reading

Black Bear Loves Muskoka Maple

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Our regular routine is to measure out a pot of Muskoka Maple ground coffee in our coffee machine, ready to brew first thing in the morning. Imagine being woken from a sound sleep at 6 am by a loud bang as the screen covering the kitchen window smashed to the ground. When we ran to investigate, we saw the face of a large black bear, ready to climb in for his first cup of the day! We slid the window closed in his face, but he wasn't giving up t... Continue Reading

Black Bear

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I recently discovered your Black Bear roast at the Heritage House in Haliburton. Fabulous! Andrew, Peterborough Continue Reading

Granite Roast

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Hi,I LOVE your coffee!! After a strong recommendation from a friend, I bought a pound of Granite Roast: WOW! It is absolute perfection... just thought I'd tell ya'. Mike, Toronto  Continue Reading

Far From Home. But Not Alone.

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They say, when you lose one of your senses, the remaining become more acute. Truer words have never been uttered as I sit here with large Tibetan prayer wheels spinning lazily behind me and an almost medieval scene playing out before me - complete with wandering chickens, stray wild dogs, lumbering yaks and women in long, dresses & aprons and wearing colourful head coverings. In fact, the only luxury in this remote Western Sichuan village... Continue Reading